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Saphir compact

Small, light and economical

Air conditioning comfort for small and medium-sized recreational vehicles.

The new Saphir compact is the ideal air conditioning unit for motor homes and caravans up to 5.5 m in length.

  • The Saphir compact is astonishingly light at just 20 kg
  • The special sound-absorbing EPP plastic housing makes it the quietest unit in its class
  • The low power consumption makes it ideal for use at the majority of European camp sites
  • The air conditioning unit is also economical and can also cool while driving in combination with the TG 1000 power inverter
  • The Sleep function provides extremely quiet operation overnight – including outside the vehicle
  • The individual cold air distribution is adapted to your requirements
  • The compact design means that it fits into almost any stowage compartment
  • The required temperature is simply selected by remote control
  • The cooling time of the Saphir compact can be programmed to up to 15 hours
The additional benefits:
  • Installation in the vehicle interior leaves the outer vehicle dimensions unchanged
  • The standard pollen and dust filter makes the Saphir compact ideal for people with allergies
  • The compressor unit provides high cooling power, even with high humidity
  • The closed cooling circuit makes the system completely maintenance-free
Select the ideal air distribution to suit your individual needs:
Rapid and inexpensive – pre-cooling for a pleasant night with all three vents down at floor level.

Comfort solution
For the most demanding requirements – functional and comfortable. The cold air is led upwards through cold air pipes in a cupboard, for example, and evenly distributed in the room.

Luxury solution
Maximum living and sleeping comfort – individual for each living area. The versatile accessories and the customised air distribution system make the Saphir comfort an uncompromising solution.

Technical Data

  • Weight 20 kg
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 560 x 400 x 285 mm
  • Power supply 230 V – 240 V ~, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption Ø 2.8 A
  • Power consumption 650 Watts
  • Maximum cooling power 1800 kW*
  • Starting current 15 A (0.15 s)
  • Volume (cold air) flow max. 310 m³/hr.
  • Coolant R 407C (CFC-free)
  • Deployment range +18°C to +40°C
*(at 35°C)

Installing the air conditioning units

Take a closer look at how Truma air conditioning systems are installed and operate in our 3D animation.

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